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Dragoon Unlimited Sabot II Ultra-Light Backpacking, Camping & Survival Stove with Case & Collapsible Fuel Canister Stand

$28.80 USD

A little comfort goes a long way. This is an improved version of our rugged and reliable Sabot Stove. With an improved flame adjustment, included case and stand for a fuel canister, this rig is ready for "Life's Next Adventure"!

The Dragoon Unlimited Survival Stove was created specifically with our military experience in mind, because we wanted to offer something small, compact, and super effective for troops to have a little brew up on a cold night or hot shave in the morning when conditions allowed. 

Even if you never venture beyond the front yard it's ideal for emergency preparedness because it's designed to never let you down.

The gear you carry matters, so we designed our survival stove to be eco-friendly, ultra-lightweight, and sturdy so you have the best cooking experience. 

Dragoon Unlimited Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit on Amazon

Dragoon Unlimited Fire Starter Kit - Traditional Bushcraft Ferro Rod - Emergency

$11.80 USD

A fire wherever you need one.

Our beginner-friendly fire starter kit sends out a shower of sparks at over 5000ºF so that you can stay warm and well-fed, even in damp or icy conditions. Even high altitude adventures are no match for our waterproof, weatherproof ferrocerium rod.  

The compact size means that this kit can be carried in a pocket or purse, clipped on keychain, or worn as a necklace! Crafted with a traditional and reliable handle because we understand that your gear matters. 

Never be stuck in cold, wet weather without a fire again. 

Dragoon Unlimited Mylar Survival Blanket - Emergency Kit - Olive Drab / Silver, Pack of 5

"A Dollar Less for a Blanket More"

Go check out the competition to see for yourself

$12.80 USD

 Perfect for Emergency Preparedness Kits.

Made from highly durable mylar material, our emergency blankets stay as the perfect survival equipment for all your outdoor adventure needs! Modeled for survival situations, each thermal blankets are solely folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and retrieval. These heavy duty survival blankets help to block rain, snow, and moisture to keep you dry in damp, wet, cold, rainy environments!

Make these the foundation of family's emergency preparedness kit. Keep a set in each vehicle and one for each family member.

Dragoon Unlimited Mini Camping & Survival Water Filter - 17 Oz Drinking Pouch & Cleaning Tool Included

$19.80 USD

Water when you need it...

Our outdoor water filter is carefully designed with high-quality food-grade ABS TPR material and equipped with hollow fiber UF membrane that can filter water directly from the source to your mouth; this camping water purifier is completely safe to use and ensures a long-lasting usage

This outdoor water purifier is a perfect accessory to carry with you during mountaineering, hiking, camping, trekking, fishing, bike riding, global travel or other outdoor activities - filter and drink pure water while on the go! it is also a compact survival water purifier that helps you at the times of natural disasters and emergencies.