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Dragoon Unlimited Mylar Survival Blanket - Emergency Kit - Compact Weatherproof

  • 5 PACK EMERGENCY BLANKETS: Made from highly durable mylar material, our emergency blankets stay as the perfect survival equipment for all your outdoor adventure needs! Modeled for survival situations, each thermal blankets are solely folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and retrieval. These heavy duty survival blankets help to block rain, snow, and moisture to keep you dry in damp, wet, cold, rainy environments!
  • EMERGENCY USE: Designed for emergency situations, our lightweight survival blanket is perfect gear to bring you warmth and protection in all weather conditions. The survival space blanket from Dragoon Unlimited reduces the effects of trauma shock and protects against hypothermia and cold weather injuries by retaining upto 90% of a user's body heat!
  • DUAL SIDED MYLAR SPACE BLANKETS: These waterproof and windproof Mylar space blankets can be used for both ground cover and shade purposes. The silver side in the outdoor survival blanket helps to retain your body heat and the green side acts as a signal device and also aids in emergency shelter needs!
  • COMPACT AND COMFORTABLE: Built to be compact and lightweight, our thermal blanket pack occupies no space in your travel bag. Apart from survival routine, our emergency heat blanket offers numerous astounding uses; benefits you as tent footprint, backpack cover, shade cover, sleeping bag liner, snow melt container and so on.
  • BE PREPARED: Make your outdoor moments fun, memorable and safe with our compact emergency blanket! Our survival space blankets will be your best companion when you go for camping, hiking, trekking or hunting, or any outdoor activities where warmth and protection from severe weather conditions is required.


    Dragoon Unlimited has been started with the vision to provide smart solutions for your next adventure trip! Our story began in the Brazos River Bottoms in West Texas and the Piney woods of Arkansas to manufacture high quality emergency blankets which help our customers to enjoy outdoor life on weekend and week long camping fun and memorable!

    Our company is always engaged in creating better things that stays as the best equipment at affordable pricing, making you enjoy your survival travel without any limitations. All our products are quality tested before packaging. If you are not 100% satisfied contact us and we'll fix it.

    Thank you for making Dragon Unlimited part of your daily adventure!


    Don't worry about the sudden climatic changes while you are on an adventure escapade! Our survival emergency kit in olive green color consists of Mylar inserts to offer insulation and foil cover to reflect/retain the body heat in all weather conditions!


    The advanced dual sided thermal blanket is manufactured to be waterproof and windproof in order to keep you dry in damp, wet, rainy, and downright in a freezing environment. Also, prevents from sun, heat and accidental shock by maintaining the user's body heat!


    The ultra light and compact multi function portable emergency blanket will keep you dry and cozy so that you can enjoy to the core regardless of the weather forecast. Our blankets can also be used as a ground cloth, gear cover, first aid blanket, and more.


    Material: Durable Mylar

    Color: Olive Drab / Silver

    Blanket Size: 82 x 62 in inches

    Available As: Pack of 5



    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We source only quality products to make your next adventure the best it can be. If you are not happy, we are not happy. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we'll fix it. If we are unable to solve your challenge, simply return the product to us we'll provide you a complete refund, no questions asked.

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