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Dragoon Unlimited Fireforce Woobie - Rhodesian Army Style Brushstroke Camouflage Military Grade Zippered Poncho Liner Blanket Sleeping Bag System with Stuff Sack and Pillow

$64.99 USD

Designed and manufactured to current MILSPEC requirements. While this is a poncho liner styled after what "could have been" issued to Rhodesian Security Forces personnel, it is FULLY FUNCTIONAL and will meet requirements for forces on active service around the globe.

Dragoon Unlimited is the original purveyor on Amazon of this unique piece of gear. The DU Team is made up of life-long outdoorsmen, combat veterans and those that know there is NO SUBSTITUTE for reliable gear in the field. It either works or it is junk. We back all of our gear with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. There are many poncho liners and camp blankets to choose from, but this poncho liner is a "Cho among Cho's". Be the first (maybe only) in your stick to own one.

Dragoon Unlimited Rhodesian Brushstroke Regimental Buttoned Smoking Jacket

$74.99 USD

CLASSIC COMFORT & STYLE: This smoking jacket is designed and inspired by the world-famous brushstroke pattern camouflage and manufactured using classic, quilters poncho liner material with a stylized version of Rhodesian Brushstroke Camouflage.

LIGHT WEIGHT, LUXURIOUS & COMFORTABLE: Whether enjoying a cool evening on the back deck or relaxing after a long day in the field, this jacket will be a conversation piece every time you break it out and you will be living a life of luxury and sophistication while you are at it. QUALITY FEATURES: Our two-buttoned “smoker” comes complete with two front bottoms, tacked pockets, and an optional cloth waist tie for use as a robe if desired.

Rhodesian Flag Patch Bundle

(4 Patches -Shipping Included)

One Each - Full-Colour, Subdued, Midnight and Infrared

$24.99 USD

HIGH QUALITY WOVEN PATCHES: Manufactured using woven materials (not stitched embroidery), these patches will not snag, fray and become “fuzzy” over time. These patches are 1 7/8” x 3” and made me attached to a variety of different clothing articles, caps and gear using the attached hook and loop fasteners attached and included.

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED: Created for those that lived, loved and served in Rhodesia or just have an affinity for “what a time it was”. These morale patches will rekindle bygone days and conjure up memories for those that recall the “Green & White”

BUNDLE PACK: Perfect for a variety of applications, this bundle provides the ability to mix, match and change your presentation depending on the circumstances. The full-color patch can be worn for dress occasions, while the subdued and IR versions may be worn when a less overt presence is desired.

VETERAN GIVE BACK PROGRAM: As a Veteran Owned business, we want to be part of the solution, so we give back to those that support all of us by donating 5% of total sales to Veterans Organizations in the United State, New Zealand and Canada.

Rhodesian Full-Colour Flag Patch Bundle (Shipping Included)

$10.99 USD

Rhodesian Subdued Flag Patch

(Shipping Included)

$10.99 USD

Rhodesian MIDNIGHT Subdued Flag Patch

(Shipping Included)

$10.99 USD

Rhodesian INFRARED Subdued Flag Patch

(Shipping Included)

$10.99 USD